Broken Springs

Do You Have Broken Springs?

Are you in need of a garage door broken spring repair? After some time all garage door springs break from old age or improper maintenance. A garage door should always be properly balanced, and even larger heavy doors should be able to be opened and closed with ease. For this to happen, springs must be rated for the specific weight and height of your door. An unbalanced door can cause extra wear and tear on the garage door opener, an therefore may damage the top of the door where the opener attaches. Spring repair and replacement can be very dangerous and should always be performed by trained professionals.

10 Signs Of Broken Garage Door Springs:

1. Garage Door Cables Appear to Be Broken
2. There Is a 2” Gap in Your Torsion Spring
3. You Heard a Very Loud “Bang” in the Garage
4. Garage Door Goes up 6” and Stops
5. Garage Door Is “Jerky” When Going up and Down
6. The Cable and Pulley Are Hanging Down
7. Garage Door Falls Fast When Going Down
8. The Top Section of Your Garage Door Is Bent
9. Garage Door Is Crooked When It Goes up and Down
10. When You Pull the Emergency Release Rope, the Garage Door Cannot Be Lifted
Broken Spring
Broken Torsion Spring
We carry many different spring sizes on our service trucks in order to accommodate whatever size spring your door may need. High quality high cycle springs that are built to last are the only springs we carry.

Our Spring Replacement Service Includes:

  • Oil Tempered or High Cycle Torsion Spring or  Extension Spring
  • Torsion/ Tension Adjustment
  • Door Adjustment and Balance
  • Spring Lubrication
Broken Spring
Let us repair or replace your damaged drums and cables!
drums broken spring repair
broken spring cable repair

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